MA Politicians Are On Drugs...

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Mass. Business Leaders Push For 25 Cent Gas Tax Hike -

"Gov. Deval Patrick picked up support for a sizable increase in the state's gasoline tax from business leaders who favor an even larger hike of 25 cents per gallon."

WTF are people thinking? We already pay the second or third highest gas tax in the country, and they want to increase it MORE than the proposed 19 cent increase?

"Our economy counts on the next set of transportation investments, as well as making sure that we're taking care of a state of good repair for our transportation system," said Richard Dimino, president of the transportation-oriented A Better City.

Says who? A president of a stupid think-tank who probably clears 200k a yr?

NO ONE is even looking into the possibility of cutting jobs at the MBTA, cutting (oh noes) union maintenance jobs, leaving the Mass Highway to their own devices. Apparently this new money will help public transportation, and help curb the "crushing debt" of the Big Dig.

This kind of shit makes me so angry, and no one can really change anything. I've written letters to my selectmen, and my regional rep. I've decided its no use.

MA is going to see a lot of small businesses, blue collar workers, and middle class skilled workers moving out of state just to avoid the ungodly taxes. And on top of that, the brilliant "business leaders" at the State House are working on a plan for MORE revenue by;
maintaining existing tolls on the Turnpike, investigating methods to track and charge drivers for miles traveled,

I'm out.
MA FTL Especially the masshole state cops that hang out on 84east, that stand in the middle of the highway to pull 10 plus cars over at a time, making people wait for 45 minutes for a warning.

B you know that there are talks of us getting tolls, right.
yes, but only on the borders... like if you were in mass coming in to ct. it won't effect me but once a year at best.