Matt's FS Thread: B-Series performance, OEM, etc.

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I cleaned up the shop today and found some stuff I would like to get rid of. All prices are OBO. Trades considered, let me know what you've got. Buyer pays shipping. If there's no price listed, make me an offer on it. All items are considered to be in good working condition unless stated otherwise. Allow 2 days after I receive the payment for your item to be shipped out. I'm somewhat busy, and might not be able to get the item shipped out for a couple days.

I prefer a verified Paypal address. If you cannot use Paypal for some reason, a money order will be acceptable. Please keep in mind that your item will not be shipped out until I receive the money order and I have cashed it (meaning when I have CASH IN HAND, YOUR ITEM WILL SHIP).

Means of contact:
Reply to this thread, PM me on HS
I check this site regularly and my e-mail is forwarded to my phone, so contact shouldn't be a problem.

1. Intake manifold support bracket off of my B18B1. Should fit all B-Series engines. $5

2. Rear wiper motor from my EK hatch. Mint. $15

3. This is an interior piece from my EK, it sits just above the cupholder. Has two holes drilled in the back. $5

4. Stock fuel pump from my EK. Has ~165k on it, still worked when I pulled it out of the car. $10

5. Injector wire cover for B-Series engines. Just pay shipping.

6. Misc. engine mounts for B-Series engines into EK. Driver's side upper, tranny mount, etc. all for B-Series. Torque mounts will fit B or D-Series. $25 takes them all.

7. Dipstick and Hood stand. Just pay shipping for either or both.

8. OEM Injectors from my B18b1. Great working condition, no seals included. $20

9. Golden Eagle vacuum manifold with fittings. $20

10. Stock oil pressure sending unit. $10

11. B-Series rear main seal housing, will need new rear main seal. $10

12. Crank Pulley from my B18. Use at your own risk. Had a crank keyway get chewed up and I'm not sure if this was the problem or not. Just pay shipping.

13. Same story on this pulley. B20 crank pulley. I have never used it. I payed $20 for it.. your price $10

14. B18b1 oil pan tapped for turbo return line fitting, good condition no major dings/dents and comes with hardware to get it on the bottom of the engine $50


15. Timing sprocket and whatever sensor goes with it $5

16. OEM B18b1 pistons/rods without rod bolts good shape $75/set

17. EG/DC Passenger side seat rail $10

18. Side mouldings for EK. These go on the fenders both sides.. just pay shipping

19. B18a1 head - what you see is what you get.. $75

20. Garrett turbo, similar to t25, needs rebuild $50


21. Intercooler, I used this on my hatchback for about 1,000 miles before I decided to go bigger. Good working condition no leaks minimal bent fins $50

22. AEM ram air intake pipe for Integra B18b1, $25

25. Horn $5

26. B18b1 oil pump, came off my car running and just painted it black for some ricer reason, went with a bigger pump. $10

27. Triple gauge pod, unsure of what it fits $5

28. 96-00 civic hatchback tail lights CF euro style.. great shape $30

29. 2nd set of b18b1 pistons/rods these ones come with rod bolts $100 for the set

30. 3rd set of b18b1 pistons/rods no rod bolts $75

31. B18a1 bare block comes with mains in good shape $100 shipping is iffy on this one.. LMK



32. B18a1 valve cover $15

33. EAGLE rods for GSR engine. Used in my b18b1 bottom end for about 1,000 miles before I figured out that I had the wrong parts and pulled the engine. Machine shop has checked them out and everything is perfect, all of the wear was done on the bearings and I have bearings to prove it lol.. $225



I'll try to update this daily. Make offers/trades whatever just let me know what you got.. just trying to get this stuff out of the garage.

**EDIT** Willing to trade multiple items seen on here for 84mm pistons (CP or JE) must be new or slightly used, nothing that is trashed. Thanks.
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Forgot to add one thing.. I have a set of B18b1 cams without cam gears.. excellent shape just pulled them out to put my Brian Crowers in.. $20
Which one? #12 is from a B18B1, and #13 is from a B20.
i want the eagle rods real bad for my ls vtec build
what all engines will these rods fit b16, b18a1?
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As far as I know, they will only fit the B18C1 engine.

I used them in my B18B1 for a few miles, but there's a difference in widths on the bottom skirt of the rod, which caused the rod bearings to begin to wear after only 1,000 miles. I would not advise using these in any bottom end other than a B18C1, sorry man.
Somebody buy some stuff, I need to buy 84mm pistons for my new build this winter!

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I had some interest in the mounts a week ago, but I haven't heard from him since. Where would I be shipping the torque mount to?
I just might. Actually I'm almost positive I do. Let me check on that over the weekend and I'll get back to you Monday at the latest.