may come into some money

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well it looks like i may come into some money in abt 2 weeks..... im sure u all know i have a 89 crx hf .... i want the most bang for my buck... i should have around 5-8 grand to play with....

i would like some ideas for a the most powerful motor i could build in that price range..... im thinking either b16 built up or b18 built up....

reasonable ideas welcome.... keep in mind the price range...
chris :spin:
B18C1 Skunk2 Head package on Group Buy (Cams, Springs, Valves, Retainers, IM, Gears) $1900 Shipped.
would i be better off doing the b16a1, keeping in mind ill spend around 2000 for motor and mounts.... that would leave me almost 5 or 6 grand to put into it!! compared to the b18c1.... where almost all the money would be buying the motor.. the b16 could be twice as fast with 4 or so into it.... am i right or ami wrong.......
=] off topic but glad to know you're gonna have some money coming your way. better days DO come to those who wait, now get out there and take care of your business. and build a B18c1.
i've never driven a b18c civic, but i raced one on the fwy, he had a gsr swap in a 95 coupe. and my b16 in a 96 coupe took him :) i'm very happy with my b16
One word displacement.

The good thing is this Skunk head package is for any B series VTEC motor, so if you decide to go B16, they have you covered.
so needless to say i could save some money on the b16a1.... and then with the last 5 or so grand.......put into the motor.... should i just work the top end or bottom too? I think i may go with a t3/t4 turbo....

besides the head package... what else should be done... ? lol
when i get everyting here anyone wanna come to indiana and help do this....
buy a type r long block, and then buy a cable transmission from hondamotorsonline or someone locally. then, buy a wiring conversion harness from skunk2 or kenji plennert.

with a type r motor and lsd, you'll be running high 12's, low 13's immediately.
sorry, but there is no way you will get an itr into there for 5 grand..and if you have more money, well you are gonna come close to tapping all of it just to get that engine in there. if you are doing it all yourself is one thing, but i would still call it a 6000 dollar swap if you dont have any help. want someone to do it for ya? make it 7000. on the other hand, you can get a gsr INSTALLED for 4000-4500 tops, and have that extra 500-3500 to play with. and I mean PLAY with. =] I'm not a big fan of the type r engines because they are SO expensive and it would be cheaper to pull the same numbers out of an originally weaker engine.
wow i was hoping to get more of a response but i guess not ! what kinda horsepower would i be looking at if i completely worked over the b16 with turbo?
I would think it would be better to BEAT a type R than to have one. Anyways, for the turbo B16, I would say $6000 and 220 bhp.
In terms of the swap you will need,
Shift Linkage
Re wired Engine Harness
(if you do the B18C then you will need a rewired ecu to make it OBD 1 or change the distributor and injectors to make it OBD 0)
and you will probably want to replace the water pump, thermostat, Timing Belt, Alternator Belt, and the clutch.

As for modifications i do not know what you will need that is up to you the stuff i listed is just to get the motor in.
If i forgot something someone please post it.
If you want i have an Excel list of what you are going to need, price list and where you are going to find it for that price just PM me.
if you are going turbo, fuck that expensive ass waste of money for turbo head package.
its great for n/a, but a waste of money IMO for boost.

sleeve the block- whatever you choose, but i say b16a1 or b18a either motor paird to a b18a1 cable LS tranny -, get rods/pitsons and new bearings down under.. port/polish the shit out of the head. get a high flow intake mani and throttle body, 3" exhaust, and run 15psi, or more if you can still hold on :)