may have the shitScort sold

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as many of you all know, i have a 93 Escort GT that i bought not to long ago to just drive around. anyways, as of Nov. 1, its going to get sold! i am getting what i paid for it which was only $500 for the damn thing. anyways, with that getting sold, i can save up and get me another Honda to work on. i cant wait to get rid of the car!! nothing mechanically wrong with it at all..just looks likes ass. anyways..i will be in the market next month or so for another Honda...prolly a CRX is what i want to get and tinker with. so gimme time you all...i will be having another sweet little Honda again soon :)
was that the thing with the mazda engine? i was wondering what the hell you saw in that lol.

<<<<< rexes rule!! woohoo
yeah its got a 1.8L DOHC Mazda motor that has 127hp. the car runs fine, just neeeds bodywork to it. i am just sick of it already...hehe. i need a change..besides i wanna get something decent after i save up my cash :)