Maybe There Is A God?

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Well let me start this off from last night. Last night I got my cable internet installed at my apartment finally (omg I missed the internet lol). I left my apartment just after I got it installed and went to go see Old School (omg this movie is fuckin hilarious!!!!). I left the movies and went over to a friends house and played spades till about 3:30 in the morning. I got home and right when I walked in I knew something was wrong, it smelled like a blown speaker or fried circuits. I went to flip on the light switch and I had no power, needless to say I was pissed! All of the sudden I put two and two together and started freaking out and unplugging everything in sight and smelling it. I called up the electric company and they said that I was the only one on the transformer that reported a power outage and asked me to check my breakers. As soon as I opened the hall closet that nasty smell hit me like a ton of bricks, I was sure that my breaker board had fried. I was sure that it was because of the internet and my whole system was fucked considering that from the day before it was the only thing that had changed (deductive reasoning, I suppose).

Anyway, I paged maintenence a couple of times and with no luck I just went to bed hoping that my fridge full of food wasnt wasted. Well the maintenence guy came in at about 9:30, almost 12 hours after I had originally left my apt, I wasn't too happy. He opened the closet and the smell hit him, he totally ignored the breakers and went straight for the water heater. He pulled off the cover and everything was charred and black. MY WATER HEATER WAS ON FIRE! I felt like the luckiest guy in the world at that point, almost everything I own is in my apartment, aside from my car lol.

All said and done I have a new outlook on things after this and am very greatful that I still have a place to come home too... with cable internet :)

Thank god for the maintenance guy. When my dad's apartment burnt down because some crack head down stairs fell asleep with candles lit. 4 in morning whole building was on fire cept my dad's room. Only stuff that was still good was his. It sucked, we helped out some old grandparents out of their apartment that was on fire and stuff and carried em off then some other guy on the news said he was the one that carried them even though the guy wasn't there. Very Nice save by the maintenance guy y0.
fookin crack heads! :angry: glad your dad made it out ok.

BlackJDM, man, u are lucky! i have heard that those water heaters can explode like small bombs. it was on one of those news shows like 20/20. some people have been killed by it.
Hell I'm just glad that I'm not homeless ya know? Damn that was a reality check.
Shit man I am just as glad as you are zac, man I couldn't Imagine if you lost all of your stuff. I know all the shit you had in there and holy shit. Yes, thank god that everything is allright :) , and that you didn't have to start over again.
You know, that reminds me of Final Destination (kick ass movie). You cheated, now death is comin for your azz. J/k.
i think the world hates me lol... i just had to reformat my computer and start from less than scratch, what a pain in the fucking ass. THANKFULLY i have a friend that is like god with computers and he is going to make it better than new :) yea... so far this has been my next to shittiest day on this planet.