Mazdaspeed Protege

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  • Mike- you're both in Houston, go try and steal it&#

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Mad scientist
Trailor- eh, that's not that bad. Those engines actually have a decent amount of pep to them!

Prowler- Neon SRT-4 is the only other one... both it and this Protege are turbo. Higher up in the price range would be the WRX and the new Evo coming out soon, although I am looking really hard at the RX-8.
Employee discount programs kick ass. I got my truck for 1400 below invoice plus a 3000 rebate. Can't beat paying a little under 20,000 for a truck with a sticker of 26,360. I also got the retail price for the trade in on my Blazer plus a really low intrest rate through AAA. I would go with the mazda speed. I don't know how Ford works but with the GM programs the dealer can not sell the car or truck for any price except for the one for the program. Just don't trade your car in and get your own financing so the dealer can't really screw you on that end.
Originally posted by Calesta@Dec 17 2002, 05:25 PM
Yup. I just want to see if I can buy one on the X-Plan............

i miss working for alcoa and having that x-plan option. buy a jaguar! :rolleyes:
Jeff- well it all depends on whether or not they'll include the RX-8 on the plan.

slohnda- Hmm. X-type with some boost? Hmm....