Mini-me With Rpm Switch

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does anyone know what an rpm switch is??? i drive a 99 civic dx(d16y7) with a 98 ex head(d16y8)... i heard you can plug vtec to your rpm switch but i dont know what that is or how to do it?? please help
I'm thinking it is having something,like a shift light or something connected to your motor to tell you when to shift,but since vtec engages at certian rpm's you could use it to monitor your vtec (via a vtec light) to make sure it is engaging,but you would need a signal from something other than just you tach,like the vtec solenoid itself so that you know it was actually working and not just going off because of a certain rpm.
I'll make it really simple for ya. i just did a VTEC Swap (D16Z6) into my non-vtec crx and had to wire up the vtec the same way you do. go to They will have instructions on how to do the vtec wiring. What you will need to buy is an MSD RPM Switch (MSD #8950) which sometimes can be found on eBay, or bought through summit for like 50. Then you have to buy the modules for it (which determines when the vtec kicks in) for like 30. those can be bought on ebay or summit too. then buy a regular Automotive relay from your local RadioShack for 5 bucks. The wiring instructions are on that website i gave you the link for. very simple. Let me know if you need more help. Its easy
so is there anyway to wire vtec through my tach?? i am lost here.. i did the swap and the car runs fine (with the exception of not having any power).or will i have to get the msd,modules and automotive relay