y7/y8 mini me swap last question(s) before start up

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Hello all,
first post on Honda Swap..28/male/northern california..I've been doing my build thread at civicforums.com with not much help/input Especially with technical questions etc.

My car is a 2000 civic lx sedan auto (for now) - got bored with it did the y8 IM swap...head gasket leak..found a rebuilt head for cheap decided i would swap out the head if I'm going through all that work for head gasket..now im not 100% here'

(until army benefits kick in $$ wise for school/regular compensation its somewhat a budget build)

I've researched and i'm getting mixed responses so here is what i have as the setup for start up. a d16y7 block, new gasket with rebuilt y8 pj2 off another 2000.(vtec solenoid arrives today 24 April and knock sensor Tuesday) y7 fuel rail with y8 injectors, y8 IM off a 5 speed so bought a block off plate for rear IACV) y7 TB/ IACV, and a p2p ECU out of a 99 ex automatic..what I cant get a clear answer on is
1. y7 TB worked when i just had a y8 IM swap can it still work with the full head swap? Also have integra ls TB..
2. was told the Automatic p2p ECU would not work with a y7 transmission? I had to flash the p2?
3. Is it Ok to temporarily run y7 fuel rail with y8 injectors? I know y8s on a stock y7 would run rich..would this run too lean?
those are the 3 that make me think i just wasted time/money especially the p2p ecu..(i do know i have to wire knock/Vtec etc)can anyone verify or have any input? thanks..

picture is prior to moving the fps/etc

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