Mmmmmm Fun New Parts

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WRX Sellout
Big thanks to Jon (hybridh22a) for the hookup on parts that he gave me for my old engine. Today at the post office, I've got some cold-plug NGK spark plugs, a new O2 sensor and a GReddy EManage system waiting for me. If the weather warms up (it was 5 degrees this morning), they're all going in this weekend. Later on down the line, he'll hopefully have a CAI and a full polyurethane bushing kit coming to me as well.

Go check out his threads in the For Sale forum for lots of goodies. Thanks again Jon.
I'm there y0!
I just need to put my car back together. These damned machinists need to quit telling me one thing and then changing the story half way through. This project has gone over budget because they keep raising their prices on me. :angry:
I'll see if I can borrow the office digital camera and take some pics. I'll be a happy camper when that stuff goes in.