More Ls/v-tec Question!

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I have a 1990 Integra LS with a B16a1 engine that I swaped in a while ago. I've been learning all I can about doing a LS/V-tec conversion since I happened to have my old LS B18a motor sitting in my garage. I know I can use the V-tec head and pistons from my B16a1. What other parts can I take from my b16a1 to build a LS/V-tec motor?

List of parts that I need to know if I can use.

Can I use:
B16a1 oil pump?
B16a1 oil squirt jets?
B16a1 main bearings?
B16a1 water pump?
B16a1 rods?
Read our FAQ, it anwers most of those questions.
I wouldn't use B16 rods, you would lose compression and make the R/S ratio really bad. Don't try and make the main bearings from the B16 fit, most likely they are a different size. Just buy new ones. At the very least you shoud get ARP rod bolts, but aftermarket rods are a better choice. They are not necessary, but they are good insurance. You can use the pumps, but again you should just buy new ones.