moron of the day award goes to....

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his pupil is kinda teardrop shaped, only upside down... its kinda cool really
this thread now makes me :squint:. (that's squint). gotta protect my eyes from all pokey metal objects, as well as food mishaps. shit, they're everywhar!
For example... After the first guy put water and diesel in his gas tank, this guy tries to fathom the cause of the problem:


ye there were a bunch of people saying he hydro locked his engine from putting water in his gas tank :bash:
basicly i was pullin on a wire doin a remote starter at work the tool slipped off the wire and went into my eye while i was still pulling and sliced the whole front of my eye up. it was a gorey mess the color started leakin out and stuff, oddly enough no blood just water. i didn't feel a thing though it was kinda cool i was outside havin a cigerette when the manager came down to drive me to the emergency room. i wish i had pictures to show.
Your job does not require you to wear safety glasses?
And it didnt even hurt, sounds to me like it would hurt like no other!
yep job required me to wear safety glasses but they were supposed to provide them and never did. i honestly never thought it would happen and would probably not have worn them even if they were provided for me. now its a totally different story i pretty much wear safety glasses for everything now and if i don't then i usaully get slapped upside the head. honestly i didn't even start freakin out until the dr came into the room 3 hours after i got to the hospital and the first words out of his mouth were damn that looks bad, your gonna be blind for the rest of your life. and from there on i don't remember much cause they had to fill me up with drugs cause i was freakin out.
i can see the color and shape blur and thats about it. i still have 4 stitches in it and when those come out they are going to try to fit me for a contact to see if it will help but the doctor is now doubtfull i will regain use of this eye.
if the lady was over 50 and I were victoria's secret I'd argue improper product use