Motor Clearance

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ne1 know where to find a single cowl hood that will allow clearance room for frank swaps? Im talkin the huge single cowl with dual intake ports on the front. I've been seeing hoods like this on featured cars in SCC but cant find any for sale. Most are dual cowl or the "spiderman" style. I know i can flatten the webbing on the underside of the stock hood but i recently got hit by some old bit*h and I need a new one anyway.
did you not read my post? I got hit in the driverside front and the hood is banged up/rusting (damn NY road salt) I need a new hood anyway so Im tryin to find a nice single cowl for clearance and airflow.
i read your post. all you were worried about then was clearance. folks like hasport and place racing take these kinds of things into account when they design their mounts. you can get a stock style hood from a junkyard or from an aftermarket company for pretty cheap. i got mine for 50 brand new. the performance gains you get with a cowl hood on a honda will be zero. but if you want one that bad you can probably search on google or some junk.
im talkin form and function (tuning at its finest) Not only would a cowl hood provide obvious benefits, they look sweet ass too. Im no ricer but if somethin looks good while providing a purpose all the better.

the performance gains you get with a cowl hood on a honda will be zero.

I'm not lookin for a performance gain when I think airflow in this manner. Its all about takin heat off the block and out of the engine bay. In this since HP increases might even be recognized, although thats not the idea.

Its all about cooling/reliability/motor clearance/style. A very funtional peice of equipment indeed. Pics coming soon
my thoughts:

1. if the hood shuts and doesnt hit anything, its fine.
2. if i was that worried about cooling i would use the money from the hood and buy a high eff. radiator.
3. if i had to choose between my car running 5 degrees hotter, and having a hole in my hood for things like water to get through, ill run hotter.

a real 'functional' cowl induction hood seals an area through which air is drawn into the engine through a raised area on the back of the hood. this is usually found on carburated cars. dont fool yourself. if its about style thats one thing. but 'functional cowl hood on a civic' is an oxymoron, unless your running a mad max style supercharger and you need 6 inches of clearance. you might see a few degrees difference in temperature, i'll give you that. but i think your cash could be better spent elsewhere.