Muffler For A B16

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Senior Member
I'm looking for a muffler that has a relatively low decibal level compared to it's flow rate. I'm getting tired of not being able to here my engine rev because of my exhaust...and brand suggestions would be helpful. thanks :)
if you want top quaility, look at Mugen twin loop, about 600 or so for the rear section at inlinefour and you could probally get it cheaper through Also apexi WS has been getting good reviews (or is that the super loud apexi?) If you have a decent exhaust set up now and it is just too loud, go to a good muffler shop and ask them to see if they can put a resonator on it. A glasspacked one will cut down on flow rate a little bit but it will make it much quieter.
the Apex WS is pretty much the quietest exhaust out there besides the Mugen twin loop, custom setup, or stock
Greddy EVO!!! I'm very biased to GReddy cause I love my exhaust. But other options would be like what other people mentioned. DC Sports twin can, the Mugen twin loop, Apex'i world series (my friend had that and his intake was louder than the exhaust and cops pulled him over and gave him a fix it tix for the exhaust)