Mugen parts

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OK here is a question.. its no question that mugen is a reputable brand but do they really need to charge 914 dollars for a valve cover, or 740 for a fiber glass intake system?? is there REALLY some magical property of mugen that makes it Ideal or is it the name your paying for.. i figure its the name but i could be wrong lol can any one shed some light on this?
yeah thats old man honda son name, that what ive always thought anyhow i cant even remember where i saw that years ago lol
lol, yeah old man honda died in 2000 or 2001. its a real mans last name in case the noobs are reading
na not to honda.. I used to be on this forum with another name but that was back when i did my motor swap and i compleatly forgot what name it was so i made a new one haha