My Dad got a chick car

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It is a mini cooper s (supercharged). It is not bad. It is red with a black top and mirrors. The one thing i dont like about it is it has the Ricer 17s on it. Plus they are ugly wheels. I drove it a little bit and it drives really nice. It has decent sounding exhaust, and has a decent amont of turq. at low engine speeds, (can excede past 4k for the the first 1250 miles, if you do the ecu makes the car have less performance. They say that if you beat it new, then your going to have more probs with it...saves money on the werranty.) He has been waiting 18 years for this because that was his last new car, a civic wagon (wife gets new cars, he gets a POS for past 17 years). i will have pics of the car soon but he went on a little road trip with it. We had to drive 300 miles to get to this dealer, (cincinattie ohio). The BMW/Mini dealer ship is built on the side of a hill, and there is a stait up incline and a stop sign. Stop my del Sol and since living in michigan, i dont really know how to get out of that postion i just reved it up, dumpted the clutch and smoke, yes smoked my tires, (it was alittle wet out) Everyone looked my "Jap Crap" with loud exhaust with abit of amazement and discust. It was great
what i did not like about it is the seats are too tall, its not like the sol where you have your legs strait to push the pedals
the thing i love the most about my hatch is that i can fit in gaps that people dont expect cars to fit. Sometimes that means being an asshole. I CANT EVEN IMAGINE how many people i would piss off in that little car.
what i like about my rex is, i can make a u-turn in a driveway :)

i like the mini cooper, but i can see how it would be viewed as a girls car. i think its a little strange that they would say beating it for the first xxxx miles would mess it up. maybe they just dont want them to break down too soon or they will start to get a bad rep.
i like the minis, but what is that bs about not going beond 4k rpms for the first 1250 miles??
its far from a chicks car.. i think theyre pretty badass. he even got the s model. your dad is a cool motherfucker.@! B)
The only thing that made the original Mini Cooper cool was that it was a super-light car. The new ones don't have that luxury, as BMW managed to get ahold of it. So the supercharged version weighs in at nearly 2700 pounds and is pushing 163hp. Meh.

Personally, I think calling it a chick car does it too much justice. I'd never get behind the wheel of one of those.
i have always wanted an original Mini they are so dope and could be made to be fast as hell. The new ones are cool but too big and could have been way way faster. It still look pretty cool though, i would sport one and it is no where near the chick car that a miata is.
The one cool thing about them is that in the solumn, they tied and/or beat the speed of ferraris, 911's, and Lambos. I looked at the class that they place the New Mini Cooper S in auto X and it is the same as the WRX and Integra Type R D Stock
some people consider del sol's to be chick cars
Originally posted by bte15@Oct 14 2002, 10:49 AM
some people consider del sol's to be chick cars

and when you have people like adam and b driving them.. it sure doesnt help the del sols case :ph34r:

j/k guys :p
my red neck, hill-billy, kentucy native, chevy driving, auto teacher thinks my sol is a chick car too. When he tryed to sit in my sol and had to put the steering wheel all the way up and the seat all the way back. He also got a good laugh at the sun visors.
tho's sun visors are point less wtf are they going to block
dont even call those things sunvisors ... its an insult to anything you have ever referred to as a sunvisor in the past .... seriously they block nothing .... i say rip em out and save some weight, they're like 5lbs each heavy f00kers