My Final Plans - What Do You Think?

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Alright guys, here is my final answer.

After my endless retarted post's and getting bitched at this is what I decided.
Please let me know what you think, and whats missing.

I got the automatic 98 Civic EX for 2400... came to like 2700 after all the extra charges. Its missing a front bumper, fenders, and wheels.

Im guessing I can replace all that for somewhere around 1200 dollars.

2700+1200 = 3900

I went to and looked at what automatic 98 Honda Civic EX's with 65k miles are going for, and the cheapest I seen was around 8500.

8500-3900 = 4600

I figure Ill get 4600 profit from that. And have 8500 for my next Civic.

With that 8500 I want to buy a 92-95 Civic EX 5spd and do a gsr/t engine swap.

I want to do the following to the GSR....

Bore it from a 1.8L to a 2.0L
JE Pistons
Eagle rods
JG Edelbrock Intake
Biggest Throttlebody possible
4-2-1 Ceramic headers
3" exhaust
a turbocharger(Want advice)
and a new axle capable of 300HP

PLEASE tell me what else I need to do, and what you would change.

Would changing the head on the GSR help at all?
I was thinking of porting and polishing the head, and putting in a new valve train... Will that work with a turbocharger, or am I going to blow it up now?

let me know please
Are you putting in 2 motors, cuz if not you just need one header.....
And a turbo car doesnt use headers. Plain and simple they arent on the motor anymore. And yes if you have the $ you should do headwork, p'n'p is good, get turbo cams, valve springs, retainers, 3 angle valve job, etc. All of that is important in freeing up hp from your motor.
Originally posted by thepester@Mar 20 2003, 06:09 AM
The engine needs to breathe

You don't use a header on a turbo,because the turbo has a manifold.It doesn't breath,that is why it is called FORCED INDUCTION.You don't have a clue what you're doing,do you?
Your right, I dont know what Im doing
Turbo is forced induction, doesn't a header work with exhaust.... thats what I was under the impression im lost.

Can you post some links to gsr/t setups? thanks
Originally posted by thepester@Mar 20 2003, 12:23 AM
oh shit... nevermind lol
the turbo goes where the headers go... right?

There is a manifold that has the turbo stuck to it. Now, you can get very expensive equal length manifolds that look like huge header tubes, but expect an 800-1000 dollar tag on them.
u should be able to find a hood and fenders at a junkyard for REALLY cheap..along with some 14" stealies and OEM hubcaps. try that :)
What turbocharger should I get?
What else do I need, I know I need something else.

I want atleast 250HP from a GSR/T and I have about 6000 to do it.
I can get a 97+ GSR Block with a b16cc head for 1000 bucks.

How can I wisely spend the 5000 left to achieve my 250 HP safely?
first of all, you aren't going to get that kind of money for the car you are fixing. it will have the crash info on the title, or whatever the hell happened to it where itlost its finders and wheels :ph34r:
so knock at least 1500 off, unless you find a retard buyer :lol:

screw the turbo for now.
you need a motor first.

if you want a gsr, you need 4500 bucks to buy the thing, ship the thing, and buy the misc hoses, replace any broken parts, do the clutch, do the timing belt and water pump. If you aren't doing the install your self, make that 5500 bucks.

so now, you have 1000 bucks left, and thats if you get what you think you might for the car.... which like i said above, i doubt will happen. so you are now out of money, and have a stock gsr in your car. time to save 4-5 more grand for a turbo, 3-4 more for exhaust, fuel management, fuel components, axels, guages, and tuning.

boosting is not cheap. anyone who tells you it is, probably blew up.
i agree with everyone with the header thing and oh yea dont buy eagle rods go with itr rods they are good for 400hp and get je or crower pistons well that is what i would do
i guess you missed the part where i said i could get the gsr with b16 head for 1000. theres also one comming up on an auction soon, i might able to get that for like 500 because its in a totalled car, that looks like a piece of shit, and at that auction, people dont want a car like that and they go for cheap.

so ill have enough.
First off Pissedoffsol that's sig is fukin hilarious man.
Second, thepester who could not have a more sutiable name, where do I start. GSR w/ a B16A (not B16cc) head for 1000, ok, maybe, you won't get that much for that car unless you do find a retard, I've found retards and sold some pretty crappy cars but maybe you can pull it off. So, you got a motor and 5k-5k for a t3/t4 turbo kit installed leaves you with 0k. :( No tuning, no valvetrain, no way to control your boost, then you say, hey, lets see what my new toy can do, then you blow the welds on your intake manifold. So have fun.
Originally posted by FFCiv@Mar 22 2003, 04:05 AM
Congrats thepester. You get the