My grades..

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Green on the scene.
i took the last final for my first semester/first class of my automotive training.
basic engines was the class.
ranked number 2 in the class, after the written final my percentage is 101.13%.

on monday i start engine performance and electrical systems.
then in the summer im taking basic brakes, steering and suspension.
in the fall im probably taking basic electric and basic welding just for personal knowledge.
you would have done allot better on Crankshaft Mesaurements if you didn't smoke weed
i forgot the specs of the rod journal.

good work,
so you dont like tool ID games or what?

it was a group thing.. :(

thank you all!
this is the best ive ever done in school, so i was just kind of excited.
which proves my theory, the reason i did so bad before was because i wasnt interested.
what? you smoke weed? lol

i forgot...

dude your like the michael phelps of hondaswap now hahaa..
good job, showing all those assholes that pot smokers can do shit right... most of the time... lol

congrats keep it up
Maybe this is what my problem is, I'm not interested. I fucking hate my classes that I'm in right now. And its all pre reqs for a direct transfer to the University of Washington. Go figure.

Nicely done with the class though.
great job dude.

smoking doesnt make people lazy and stupid. people make people lazy and stupid.
this reminds me, I got student of the month in my autoclass and receved a free pair of mechanics gloves! :)