my honda on its last leg

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as some of you may know i own a 91 civic hatch. i been doin some work to it tryin to upgrade it some. its my weekend and evening driver. i done a mpfi swap on it and was looking to do a mini me swap. but heres the bad news valve seals are shot using kinda alot of oil runs like crap. and i get in it today to go somewhere and i start it up. it skips and starts to die so i figured i needed to adjust the throttle cable. done that ran alil bit better. but i think its fxin to go out on me. which sucks cause i only have it to drive on the weekends. so i guess its off to park it till i get some more money to finish up the motor i got on the engine stand. one more thing it looks like the oil is coming out the exhaust

parts i need
clutch setup
need head rebuilt or stuff for a mini me swap

sorry for the long post
all help and ideas are appreciated
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