my newly finished ride

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the car is an 88 CRX DX with a LS out of a 93 integra and an 89 b16 tranny, it has 93 integra brakes and suspension all around, 93 teg interior (dont ask...;)) 93 teg gray plug wireing harness (front to rear), no AC or heat (the heater box, fan, and all the duct work are have been taken out), 01 USDM type r front clip, (hood, fenders and bumper cover), mugen knock off side skirts and door caps, stock rear bumper, Z3 fenders, black primer for now. as soon as i get the LS 3rd and 5th put in my tranny im getting a carbon fiber front and if i cant find one a rear lip and a hood and ill call it done as far as the body im not really too worried about paint at the moment, maybe later down the road. im no really too sure how to attach a picture but ill give it a shot... this was it....about....2 months ago. i dont have a picture of it now, i should have one soon though let me know what you think. thanks alot, later

EDIT: im 17 yrs old. ive been wrenching since i was about 5 with my dad untill now working as a tech at a shop that does work on fleet trucks (companies that have lots of trucks). its mainly HD desiel and large gas engines, no hondas in there boys! i get picked on every day for bringing my "matchbox car" to work. this is my first personal honda, i did all the work myself, i turned every wrench, spliced every wire, did all the body work and everything. no one but me touched this car with the intent of working on it, except the glass man...idk how to do that kinda stuff YET


sounds nice, a little too much 'show' for me, but sounds like you put a lot of hard work into it.

btw, im saying sounds because i can't see the pic. can anybody else?
yes, right click on it and go to its properties and copy its address then paste it in a new browser. for some reason i felt that this was eaiser than just doing it myself...that and im lazy. :D
Originally posted by Hellbert@Jun 3 2005, 11:00 PM
as soon as i get the LS 3rd and 5th put in my tranny
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why would you want to put the LS 3rd in as well? :blink: I understand the 5th gear. As a matter of fact, I think the LS 3rd is longer than the B16 4th, so you might be downshifting when you go from 3rd to 4th :ph34r:

thats a link to the picture. yall can talk all the shit you want about it, i know it looks like a piece in the picture mainly because it was then, but im proud of it, i never had much of anything growing up with 2 brothers and a single mom and now i have something thats mine and i thought id show it off a little. i dont get on here and talk shit about yalls cars so id appriciate it of you lay off. i was hoping to get something positive back from yall but all i got was shit from over half the posts.

as for the LS 3rd and 5th, a buddy said something about doing it, maybe i heard wrong but i think he had them in his car and he said it pulled even harder in 3rd than befor. i thought the samething about 3rd being longer than 4th but ill look into it befor i do it

dveit, the only reason i have the stuff i do on it ( front end and interior) is because when i got the car it didnt have one front fender, the bumper was riped half off and the hood had a hole in it and i got the whole front clip for 20 bucks. the interior is integra because on the passenger side where all the duct tape is on the widow someone hit it with a sledge hammer and busted through the dash too and it rained insde the car for a few months befor i got it. i had a complete donor car that was rear ended into another car so both ends were pretty smashed but everything other than sheet metal was fine.
Originally posted by Celerity@Jun 4 2005, 12:21 AM
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-> Steve

That car scoots so hard it leaves it's own bumper in the dust.
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:bo: :lmao: