My next car???

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Ok here's my scenario...this spring I'll be looking to spend about 10k on a car. I've pretty much decided I want a 94-98 integra. Now my options are 1)buying a ls/gs/or rs with high miles but nice body, and swapping the jdm type R motor in or 2) buying a gsr? A third option might be swapping a usdm type R motor. I need the car to be a reliable everyday driver that I can do basic mods on. Would like to hear your opinions. Which of these ideas sounds the best. Do you have some better ideas? Thanks.
well you are going to be able to find a jdm type r alot easier then a usdm one. Have you ever thought about going turbo or do you want to stay natural asperating. If you want to go turbo, buy a ls/gs or rs. If you want to go natural asperating go with one of these and put a gsr or type r in it. Look around (everywhere within 500 miles) for a car with a blown engine. There are alot of people (ricers) that use naaawwwwss and shoot to much and blow their engine. You can find ones with fucked engines normally for about 3-4k and then you can talk them down.
the JDM type R engine is about 5000 that leaves you with 5000 to buy a good condition integra with and swap in the engine.... good luck... i dunno where you are from but anything honda/acura here is expensive as fuck.... 93 civics w/ blown engines are being sold as "swap ready" for 3k :(
if you are going to get a type r engine go to flash options, i am telling you, they have them for 3500, you just have to email them for the price
this would be like 500 so then it totals to 4000 (for 3500 do they ship it to the port or do you have to pay shipping on top of that?)