My Poor Car :(

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Ok, so I am sitting at a stop light just bobbin' my head to some Trina and Luda "B R Right." Light turns green and the car in front of me isn't going all of a sudden I hear tires screaching, so I look in my mirror. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM!!!! Shit, I have no isuarance, I couldn't afford to pay it the month before so it lapsed, and there was no insurance. What makes it worse is that I was on my way looking for better rates. Anyway we pull over and take information, turns out the car was a company car, for none other, than the California Highway Patrol. It was an undercover Narcotics officer.

So anyway, Cops have to be called on the scene. I am shitting bricks now, because I will have my car impounded, and pay a $1,500 fine. Anyway, they take my info, and look at the insurance, and it looks as though it is still good for another week. Anyway, I go get a qoute at the most expensive place I can find, so that the cops will pay, because they called at we are going through their insurance, so they didn't contanct mine, that I don't have. I got a low estimate, because they couldn't see behind the bumper damage, and comes out to be $2,000 damage, and it was a LOW EST.

So now I am trying to make a deal with the cops, getting the buddy club kit and pay for a carbon fiber Hatch, and it will come out about the same, if not cheaper. That way I can fix some other damage to my car, some guy backed into two weeks after I got it, and put a hole in my front bumber. I didnt' get that fixed because I was waiting for a kit to come out. Also my car got "jumped" and got a little dent on the side, shouldn't be too expensive. Anyway, the cop damanged the hatch and the bumper he was in a Ford Ranger. As if cops can't give me enough shit, they go and F*** up my baby. :( :( :(
man that does sux having your car damaged, when my car got rear ended i was in shock. it was a wife of a cop that hit me. at least your ok and soon will your car. its funny how it was a cop that hit u though and they are supposed to be the good drivers.
dude that sucks. Instead of getting the nasty budy club kit or what ever it is, see if your shop can import a CTR bumper. I can't belive that your driving in a new car without insurance. At least it was his fault. Talk to a tuner (actually in this case rice shop whould be better) ask them a place that does insurance that could do coustom work like what you want.
is yoru car payed for? like no payments? Because most bank loans, I have one, have to have full coverage atleast and always have insurance or they repo car. Crazy shit man, screw the cops, make em pay!
My car is totally paid off for, iheritance money, and then I got fired from my job making 14 an hour, so it was back to making 8 now I am in the process of getting a job making 16, and in a year making 19, Union. Anyway, I went to a shop, that does that stuff, that is where I am getting everything done, but the cop insurance made me go to the dealer to get the est. and right now I am debating about the kit thing.
exhibit A why everyones insurance goes up.

If you cant pay your insurance, then dont drive.

You obviously don't live in California, where you really, really, really, need a car. The Public Transportation system sucks. And no, I can't ask anybody for a ride because everyone over here is busy, with school, work, personal, and opposite location. Sorry not all people are perfect.
here in florida we call that illegal, no insurance.
that sucks..but it might be a blessing in disguise if you can get the cops to pay for all that stuff. they hit you, so its their fault. its always the fault of the rear-ender. are there witnesses? actually, witnesses dont matter much cause its automatically theyre fault. good luck man!
Yeah, that sucks man.

But dammit, pay your insurance or don't drive. I'm going to be looking for a new insurance company in a few weeks because rates are going up in Colorado an average of 50%.
Originally posted by SixtySecondAssassin@Feb 17 2003, 10:49 PM
down in texas we like to call that ridin' dirty.

What is insurance like down there? What part are you in?
Great news today, I called the billing department of the CHP (California Highway Patrol) and the lady said all she needed was two quotes and registration. I would have needed proof of insurance, but I didn't sustain any injuries. Anyway, they are going to pay for a rental car until my car gets fixed, cut me a personal check for the damage; Yes, I can get my kit, and a header. The best news of all is that it isn't being reported to the DMV, so no points on my license. Heh. Cops aren't so bad anymore, at least the ones in the office.
Impressive man. Well, things turned out well .. I guess.

Our Narc officers in Virginia Beach all drives Corvettes, Cobras, Bimmers, etc. Yah, they confiscate them .. lol, from drug dealers crossing in and out of virginia. (A narc officer talked to my criminal psych course, lol, he was driving a cobra)
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@Feb 17 2003, 10:49 PM
down in texas we like to call that ridin' dirty.

What is insurance like down there? What part are you in?

well im 20, i have various speeding tickets, 1 wreck, and an automobile involved class b misdemeanor, so im paying alot. i live in austin currently, but my insurance company runs out of houston, which is where im from.