My Stainless Custom Manifold

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Senior Member
here is my new manifold for the boost set up.
Thats the spark/obx/meng manifold isnt it?

They look nice, but im curious to see how long they hold up without cracking
To tell you the truth I dont know who made it .My freind drags a single turbo Supra w/nos and the sme guy that made his set up made this one.When i find out I will let you guys know.He did the whole deal for me .I trust him pretty good.
im betting its a spark racing manifold...meng header and obx made a manifold that is nearly identical to that-
to get this right your boosting an itr motor? why?
it can be done... and when done right it is VERY powerful... it just costs a fuck load of $$$ for tuning... its not a good idea for people on a budget... but if you have the cash, it is well worth it