My Transmission Won't Shift

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My transmission-
LS with LSD

If it's in gear, you can hear a sound like gears turning really fast.
BUT- it acts normal at one light and then I can't find any gear at the next light.
When in neutral, if i push in the clutch the wirring noise that i hear gets quieter.
With the clutch out it sounds like somethings loose, like a bearing... I was thinking it was the input shaft bearing.
The transmission was just rebuilt less than a 1000 miles ago, and was flawless untill last night.
I did not grind the gears or anything... what could be wrong?
the noise that I am hearing sounds like dry gears spinning, but my gearbox is full of oil.
Uggg its the sound of money being spent I'll bet.

any ideas, have u heard or had something like this happen to u?
If it was just rebuilt call the shop up I would not bother trying to figure out the problem since it SHOULD be their problem

if you push in the clutch and the sound goes away that would be the throwout bearing if it is its not the tranny co's fault because it isnt in the trans you just needed to split from the engine and replace it, it would be on the input shaft but the part that juts from outside the cassing
Sounds like the civic that came into canadian tire yesterday. As it turns out, a few of the springs in the clutch plate came out so the clutch would never release. to drive it in the shop, i had to put it in gear. start it, hold on the gas so it wouldnt stall and control the speed with the hand brake. It reiked of clutch after that. :lol:
If you barely touch the clutch and the noise goes away then it is the throw out bearing. If you have to push it all the way in it is the input shaft bearing-which it sounds like you are saying. There appears to be a problem in your shift forks in the tranny though. At any rate, take it back. At least in the case of my company everything is to be inspected before the car is put back together. If I were to miss a problem and not offer my customer an opportunity to address it while the tranny was out, the second job would be for free.
sounds like u know trannies.

thanks, yeah it's when i push in the clutch all the way in, the noise fades about halfway but does not dissapear.
I called the shop and they seem to think it's a pin in the shifting linkage, I checked the linkage- no loose pins.
Are the're stronger input shaft bearings you can get?
it's a Y1 with quaif LSD.
maybe the engine smoked it (crvtec)
but 1000 miles seems kinda quick.