Narrowing Down Problem!

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yes im the guy with the 89 CRX HF with an Idle Problem... i still havent figured out what the problem is... i took off the intake and started the car and watch the throttle body and when the cars idle jumps up n down.. the throttle body doesnt move... please help this is embarassing problem... cuz when im sittin at a stoplight everyone is lookin at me cuz my car is loud and its idling really bad... i have heard it could be the idle control valve but im not really sure... well any help is appricaited thanks!!
Use your hands and ears to feel and hear any leaks around the TB and IM gaskets.
I had this problem and know how to fix it. take off the throttle body 1st. On the verry bottom there is a piece connected to it that has a hose going in the frint side. On the back side there are 2 scews "phillips head" take those off and inside there is a plastic peace that is more than likely unscrewed screwit back in and then go around the edge with a little super glue or lock tight so it does not happen again tha should solve your problem. before trying this there is a flat screw at the top that might have come loose but not likely and that could be the culperate. it should be about 2 full turn back out after bieng all the way in.. Hope I am of some help.