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if you dont all know i work in a walmart selling fones..... i m sick of seeing fat white trash women not wearing bra's! i see it every day i m feel barfing right now cuz there is one a few feet away with her white shrit staind yellow form fat tit sweat.... it is just gross as hell
i get all those women who have their stomache's touching thier steering wheel, with no bra.. now thats disgusting
You can take the "Mexican" out of that sentence and still have it be a valid question.

Although, living in a highly Mexican-populated town, I do see alot of the "calorie-challenged" Mexican girls squeezing into outfits more likely meant for an anorexic supermodel.
lol..... i hate going to clubs and see a fat chick acting if she was the hottest chick there cuz a black dude hit on em.....