Need Help On What Rim This Is.

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no idea, but when you know let me know becuae I would like to sell those. I love the project mu calipers in there
Looking through some mags, and stuff that look similiar are exel tz-5, maxxim oxygene. if only the cap was a bit sharper coulda made out the company.
Yea, the best i can tell you is those exel wheels. The cap looks like velox, but they're not. Do you know what they are on in that pic?
Actually I found out that they are the new series from Rays Engineering, G-speed. I called around abit, no one has em in or info on em yet since they were just shown at this years SEMA show. I did however find a price and they are like 263 for an 18, they come in gunmetal or silver powdercoat.