Need Help!

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Ok, here's whats going on. I just bought an b16a for my CRX 88' SI. I only bought the engine so I don't know what other parts I need. I know that I need the axles, tranny, ecu, motor mounts, but what i need to know is specifically what parts I need, what year and integra do I need to get the parts out. And what do you recommend to get. I appreciate you comments!!! :D
You can use any B series cable tranny,shiftlinkage you need the one made to fit that car,the HAsport mounts put the engine slightly closer so he stock linkage won't work.Other than that the mounts and ECU you know you need.There are a couple things you need to make some dents in to fit the motor,read around there are two threads dealing with this same swap going on right now.