Need some help with a swap.

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Hi guys,
I'm new in general to Civic and such and I'm looking at putting together my own project. I have the knowledge needed to accomplish the task, but I need some help making sure that I get the correct parts that I need.

I am looking at a 1993 Civic EX that has a 1.5L 4cyl with a TON of miles on it, so it's fairly cheap. The body is straight, has a sunroof, and is in really nice condition which is why I'm looking at it for a project.

Now, according to the Engine Swaps 101 article on here, I see the B16A2/3:
"1. B16A2/3: Completely bolt-in Swap, VTEC needs to be wired, SIR II, Hasport shift linkage. Del Sol VTEC for the del sol"

And the
"4. B18C1: Completely bolt-in swap, VTEC needs to be wired."

Both of those engines are in the 160-170hp range, which is around what I would like.

I'm looking for advice one which one would be an easier swap into a '93 Civic, Possibly what extras I would need to have (the B16A2/3 mentioned SIRII, Hasport shift linkage, ect.), and maybe a recommendation for a site that sells engines at a good price (I've found a few, just wondering if you guys know of some good ones). Will I need to change anything like the Transmission? (I believe this car already has one less than a year old in it)

Thanks a lot for your help. I know I'm a complete newbie, but I'm intereted in this and I'd appreciate any help/advice. ^_^
Thank you,
I'm leaning towards the B16A2 I think. It seems to be less expensive and only like 8hp less, which isn't a huge deal to me since it will be my first project, I can go big on another one when I get some experience with it. I didn't see any on that site, so I'll be shopping around for one.

So if I buy a package with an ECU, Tranny, and Engine, will I need anything else?
if youre already going through the trouble of swapping
i would go with the B18C
yeah its not a huge difference on paper but you get more Tq and an all around more drivable setup

get the full swap that comes with the ecu and tranny
you will need to add the wiring for the secondaries... but other than that its the same swap as the B16
might as well get more for it

you in Canada?
Okay. Thanks for your input. So outside of the full Engine, ECU, and Tranny setup im not going to need anything else?

I'm actually located in Salem, Oregon so no.
yes thats a good deal im havin my civic coupe dx as my first project car also
Either I got one hell of a deal or you guys are getting piped, I just bought a b16a2 with a lsd tranny, shift linkage, axles, wiring and a chipped ecu for 1500 bucks.