Need timing cover help

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Just bought a 90 hatch with a ZC block and Z6 head, single cam Vtec. It is missing both upper and lower timing belt covers, so I have no way to time it without the marks on the cover. What can I get a lower timing belt cover off of that will fit it? Anyone have a cheap one they will sell? Help!!!!!

i think any covrs will it,you dont really need the upper,just the lower
check junkyards and ebay
SOHC Z6 head, but it has a ZC block. That's what i'm wanting to know what originally had that block in it so I can find the right timing cover.
if im correct the only zc that was usdm was the 1.6 dohc non vtec found in 1st gen integras, there for unless you find an old rhd real deal jdm civic, crx, or del sol your not gona find the single cam zc in any junkyard
Check this out, the z6's were often refered to as zc's in the states. it would be super difficult and major machine work to put SC head on a DC block. check the ID tag on block below radiator hose/dizzy where it meets the trans.