Need To Chip Up Your Ecu?

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Hello everyone.. need a chip or an extra chip with different settings to your current one, lemme know.. :D
any chip of your choice at $30.00. Vtec and Rev limit settings can be adjusted to your preference (at no extra charge).
Chips available for OBD0, OBD1, OBD2 ECU from '88-'01.
Please note that OBD2 ecus from '96 onwards need a emulator to run the programmed chip or a OBD2-OBD1 wireharness converter is needed. Both emulator and wireharness available.
I also have special turbo chips for OBD0 & OBD1 '88-95 B series engines running on PR3, PWO, P08, P28, P30, P61, P91, P72, P74, P75. Turbo chips at $60.00
Write me at for more information. Please add in details of the year of your engine, your engine specs, your current ECU ID, n I'll get back to u with all chips available and applicable including the settings of VTEC RPM(if there's any) and Rev limit(if there's any). You may also include your preferred VTEC and REV Limit settings.

Emails preferred, easier for me to keep track of different senders. my email is
Drop in any related questions anytime.. :)

hear from u soon.. :)