need torque

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Originally posted by 180sx@Dec 20 2002, 09:32 PM
never stroke a 1.6. you will ruin the engine.

WTF are you talking about ... what do you think the difference between a B16 and a B18 is????? hmmmm lets see both are 81mm bore but the B16 has a 77mm stroke and the B18 has a 87mm stroke .... god damn!!!!! holy fuck!! Honda stroked the B16 to get the B18.... that must be why B18's are such shit engines right???? :bash:
do us all a favor, before you post something, know what the fuck your talking about
That is gonna give me nightmares
hey, what size wheels you got?? I'm pretty sure when you increase wheel size you trade off torque for the speed. If this is true, you can just get smaller wheels. I'm getting 14" axis maglites. Performance, not rice....