New car Problems persist...

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hi guys, I've posted before with my B20b block with a 16 a head, so tonight when I was driving home from work my car sounds like shit which I'm thinking is just a piece of plastic near the wipers but I'll have to test that, either way it's a very shitty sound either way...and on my way home shifting is quite odd, every time I want to clutch in it wants to die, sometimes it does then I shift into gear and put a little gas on and it goes back up, I seriously think this lemon is worse than I thought, because when I got home I figured out that my coolant overflow was bubbling out again! Things that were odd during the drive...almost a burning rubber smell, definitely smelled the coolant when I got home, and the odd knocking, still haven't tested if it was the plastic piece but it's probably just knocking like hell and I hope that it isnt.
not being rude but thats part of buying somebody swap project, they usually dont get sold until said owner is like FACK IT ... post video and did you ever get the fans figured out ? 110% is going to puke out coolant if fans arent coming on
Like I said I understand buying was a bad idea, I'll check that off of my list of things not to do after inspecting around the engine I've already seen a few issues, obviously I have no coolant and I thought I had the fan situation figured out but idk...buttt pic included near the belt there's a black liquid...


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Yeah tested fine...gets home, literally nothing, and what do you want? I can post a driving video? I'm just trying to help you help me, I understand I probably sound like an idiot, that's okay, I just need a big ole push in the right direction? Could it be a clutch issue that's not properly engaging/disengaging? Is it just the fan issue? Internet diagnostics suck...I get that part...
Literally it's like a flip of the switch on this car, the clutch just doesn't seem to allow for proper shifting on my end let alone the already persistent other issues