new injectors on b18b1 with obd0 ecu

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New Member
i dont know if i need to change the ecu to get the injectors to work or if they will run off the 0bd0 since they were made for a obd1
So you got OBDI injectors but are still runing OBD0? You need to cut the five wires going into the resitor pack (silver box on the drivers shock tower) and solder them all together and your good to go. :thumbsup:
just to try to get it straight there aftermarket 440 injectors i just dont know if they were made especially for the b1 or 0bd1 or if they will work with a A1 but if all i need to do is soider the than thanx
well you are going to need some thing to tune with with that size injector why do you want the larger injectors
the obd1 is tuned for it and i got them with a motor i just bought with a turbo so id figure might as well use them and do i cut those wires before it reaches the box or after