new member!! a question about trannies?

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79 2ENV

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Sup...i just came across this board and it looks good!! :lol:
Anyways...I have a 79' civic with a 87' integra motor swap done..the biggest problem i have is the 90 mph i'm turning 4500rpm and i top out at 130 at 6800 rpm! I need gears!! what can you guys suggest?? :unsure:

My wagon
90 @ 4500rpm isn't all that bad.. I'm turning 4400rpm @ 80mph. If you want taller gears that aren't too tall- you could try the transmission from the 88-91 Civic sedan DX/LX (USDM designations, don't know about B.C.).

Are you topping out because of your rev limiter? I assume that you are. How about rechipping your ECU so you can rev higher? What ECU are you running right now?

If you're willing, you could also crack open your transmission casing and replace the 5th gear with one from a USDM 88-91 Civic... I don't recall the ratios in the ZC transmission off the top of my head (and they're only in my laptop right now), but the USDM 5th is slightly taller.

Just a few ideas...

By the way- I love your setup. I never see anything like that around here. Plus your build is extremely clean in those pictures. Keep up the good work!
thanks for the input! I already rechipped the ecu(no rev limiter) But i'm just running out of gears...we just did a roadtrip from vancouver b.c. to eugene oregon and we ran close to 100-110 mph all the way there and i sat at close to 6000 got real loud :eek: I would love lower gears, i'll look into the gear swap...The pics of the wagon are old now, I'm now running 4 wheel disc, more chrome on the engine and a different sound system...
i think 5th gear from an hf transmission would be your best bet. that way you can have the acceleration you're looking for with a long final gear for highway cruising.

and i like the wagon, looks excellent.
Thanks i'll look into the HF....i just took it out for a spin again and it's actually 3k at 60mph in 5th and 4200K at 80mph...6k at 100mph
Originally posted by iVtec@Oct 5 2002, 10:20 PM
get a gsr engine and trans.....

why would he do that? did you look at those pictures? that thing is already clean as hell, and he is obviously happy with his current engine setup; he was just asking for some input on gears.
now that i looked at the pics (didn't see link before) i know what your saying.....nice car...very clean...are those si rims on there???
Yes they are Si (SiR in Canada) rims with Kuhmo 195/45/15's...I would have done a gsr swap, if i could have found one at the time..
I might just swap it out and do a b16a1 swap...I ran a 12.85 at 114mph with a 75 shot of Nos..i could probably do that with the b16 alone!