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I got a Flip so i was just messing around yesterday playing they ol' guitar...

couple random various things in here that i'm working on. Far from perfect... i wasn't planning to post this anywhere, but it came out about 80% good, so screw it. enjoy :)

I need to work on my 'metal face' more than anything. lol i look like a tool.^_^

(youtube is still processing... should work in a few min)
heh, they are actually a blood red. just look lighter in the video. I haven't gotten around to painting yet (only been here a year).
cut those damn strings before you poke yer eye out!!!
I change out my strings so often that it's not even worth cutting them. I pop at least one string a week.
I blow my wad about 14 times a week, but I make sure it's into a rag or tissue so I don't contaminate my eyes...Ray Charles can't drive. :)
i've never even come close to losing an eye. the neck of the guitar comes no where near my face at all. plus, they are all bent out away from me. i'm not worried about it.
Sounds pretty good man. It may just be me but I might suggest turning the amp up or doing something because you can hear the strumming and vibrations of the actual strings a bit too much.
Instead of turning the amp up; just plugging the output/headphone jack into the mic input would work. :)