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good stuff. i like the 1st segment best, reminds me of a butt rock intro (in a good way) and metallica; then the pair of high notes in the 3rd segment, then the 2nd. thats gotta mess w/ e's dreams. and somehow the elec guitar seems more manly in contrast to the pinkish walls.

Bob Vila

ɐןıʌ qoq
Did you put the beaner hat on just for the video? :)


I change out my strings so often that it's not even worth cutting them. I pop at least one string a week.

lol, it takes absolutely no time to cut them. About 3 movements of your arm. Some people just like to leave em hangin all over the place. I put mine back in their cases a lot, so that's a good reason for me to cut them besides liking the clean look.


my scissors must suck then. lol
i also use 11-52's


Buck Futter
Stop looking at your fretboard. Be confident and tell yourself you know what the fuck you're playing - don't worry about looking at what you're playing unless you're in the damn studio. I hate bands/musicians that concentrate 100% on being perfect when playing live. If I wanted to hear 100% perfect music, I'd sit at the house and listen to the damn album - beer is a lot cheaper, and I can be naked.

When you're playing live, or for an audience, people more than likely aren't going to notice if you fuck up. They're there for the show, so put on a damn show. Throw the fuck down.

If music quality of live performances mattered, the Deftones wouldn't have ever gotten out of Sacramento.

And turn your amp up, being able to hear the twanginess of the strings takes away from everything else.

And cut your damn excess strings off. You aren't in Pearl Jam.