New people?

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Originally posted by Outlandish_Bandit@Jun 30 2005, 02:26 PM
What ever happened to a decent first post? Are all these new guys just tryin to spam the boards?

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no, i'm sure they are all the same person...i PM'd B about this shit already...I hope he IP bans these fuckers


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and more so, there are 65 guests on this forum alon-- way too high.

we're getting trolled from another site.

nothing in referral logs though-- they must be somewhat smart, and aren't clicking in... copy/paste in is hard to track--
but, i will find it. im pissedoffsol biotch :;p
Originally posted by Slammed89Integra@Jun 30 2005, 02:53 PM
:lmao: They all have angry bear for the title. Fucking great.
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B did that. It shows up for all new members and people with low post counts lol