New Si Will Be Turbo Charged ?!?!?!?!?

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In the new motor trend, or car and driver, they are saying honda has a prototype of the new civic si (same body style :( ) but the motor is turbo charged! It is close enough to production that they have a hp figure, 230 hp! Thats not bad. Just thought I would share.
First Honda turbo car in the states, yes. First Honda turbo car period, no.
yeah.. some civics in the mid 80's had a turbo in it, and theres a honda jetski turboed with 150 hp :huh:
i dont think it came in civics. the honda city had a turbo version as well as honda vigor/legend, i forget which one.
coulda swore it was in a civic.. i ono...

i know they had a turboed car here..

the honda beat is turbo, over in japan right?
i got my dad to go test drive one of the new civics so that i could drive it, it was ugly as hell. but the inside was nice, i loved where the stick was and the steering wheel was nice. the seats were great i didnt want to get out until i saw its reflection. the acceleration and handling were nice too. if the body styling was different i would get it in a heartbeat, next week we are test driving the RSX type s and whatever else is on the lot
Originally posted by SixtySecondAssassin@Feb 17 2003, 06:10 AM
i dont think it came in civics. the honda city had a turbo version as well as honda vigor/legend, i forget which one.

Yip,it was the Legend,very limited for test audience in Japan.Guess it didn't work out to well.
It is the concept version of the SI that is going to be Turbocharged, also it will a bad ass LCD Speedometer screen where you can change from the usually circular view, can't remember the name, or the way it looks on the S2000, can't remember the name on that one either. I wish instead of Turbocharging it brought out a legitimate(SP?) Type R, but oh well.
honda japan web site translated
I linked this before.

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The SI styling is growing on me but the weight and suspension kills it. Where did the wishbone suspension go?
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Feb 16 2003, 11:57 PM
1st honda turbo car ehh? sounds like it will have the reliability of a 1st gen eclipse :(

Hey now, turbo 1g dsm's are pretty reliable. It's the non-turbo ones that break down more often. The 2.0 NT engine is a 4g63, except of course it's missing the turbo parts and stuff. So of course an engine that's designed with a turbo in mind won't do that well when it's naturally aspirated. And plus mitsu used lower quality parts to build those NT motors too. No need to fortify an engine making only ~130hp.

Even though mine was a 2g, it was NA and it wasn't exactly reliable either, but all of the cars with the 4g63 (turboed) are reliable. :) = 4g63 :( = 420a <-- was the shit box i had under my hood
my friend has a 2g talon with a 420a and we were looking at turboing it but the 420a and 4g63 are nothing alike. the only similarity we could see were the head design. the blocks are totally different.
We need a real Type R in america, I am so sick of seeing people with Type R all in the right places, then I challenge them to a race, see the steering wheel is on the left side, (should be on the right if it was a legit type R) then they don't want to race I hat that shit. Back to the subject, I hate stock turbo cars I would rather have it all motor and slap on my own turbo, just my opinion.

P.S. Dazed I PM'd you with the answer to my question.
Did Honda ever bring a Type R in America? I don't believe so. I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure they never have. Now if Type R is all in the right places on the car and the steering whell is on the right, there is a pretty damn good possibility that the car is a type R, and I won't race. Now, if you have a Type R engine that is a different story, but it will never be a real type R, so don't put it on your car. It is the same thing when people put GTR on a Nissan, or Mustang GT. Also putting SS or a Cobra on a six cylinder, uh it is single exhaust dumbass you give it away right there, people are just dumb sometimes.