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I have a 98 HB DX and I want to find out what should be the next step in changing some parts on my engine. I have added headers,air intake,chip,MSD wires,coil,and distributor cap, high flow exhaust, fuel rail and larger injectors. I want to get more power but I don't want Turbo or a supercharger (can't afford) so if anyone can help with ideas that have worked for you it would be great help!

98HB :huh:
With no supercharger and turbocharger... I assume you don't want to swap the engine either if you can't afford the turbo/SC- your options are really only to bolt on a VTEC head, get higher compression pistons, upgrade your valvetrain and drop in a more aggressive camshaft like the ZEX model, then do some port & polish work. Maybe nitrous?
nitrous is your only other option, unfortunately a header and air intake along with msd wires aren't going to give you much power.

unless you increase displacement or find a vtec head and intake manifold to bolt on your bottom end you'll be forced to remain slow.
What type of v-tech swap should I do!. Is there a certain year or engine that I should go after. Thanks for the reply's- Hey also how hard is it to do and what kind of money am I looking at.
VTEC%20vs%20VTECH%20Notice%20The%20Spelling%20Differences.jpg would be easiest for you to use the D16Y8 head it will match your OBD2 setup
a swap is going to cost you as much as a super or turbo would-- if not more.
and you said you didin't have the money for it.....