New Use For Naaawwwwzzzzz

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My freinds dad (he's a biker and auto mechanic) has or had a bike with NAWWWZ.

It was pretty tight, although I wouldnt ever ride it (not that he would let me).

I think he ended up getting hit by a truck on the freeway though and totaling the bike (not his fault).


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Did Scott send that to you?

That would be too crazy. Nitrous on a bike would just be scary.


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Of course he sent it. I can't believe he likes the alien-head-lookin-thing on the back of it. :lol:


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Originally posted by lsvtec@Jan 6 2003, 05:05 PM
That was pretty goofy lookin.

Does he want NAAAAAAWWWWZZZZZ! on his bike?

That bike has NOS, read the description :eek:


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theres a ZX9-R around my area with N2O on it ... f00kin sick ... also saw a turbo'd CBR900RR that thing was scary