new xbox 360 slim

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That means she already bought something really expensive....
no not at all. it means i had a ps3 that took a crap and i replaced it, and she was why did u buy another ps3 you didnt play games on the first one. I told her well i needed it for my blu rays. :D

I figured since i already have a xbox with a 250 gig hd she would be the same way and not let me get the new one. but she said I can get this one and sell the one I have already.

I'd get a 360 now. It seems to have more games that me and my girl can enjoy. Tons of the PS3 games are based either online, or single player. I've seen quite a few Xbox games that are 2 player that she would enjoy...what a selling point for me!


Honestly, if your preferred gaming experience is to play multiplayer on the same screen with friends, girlfriends, etc., then I'd recommend a Wii over either the 360 or the PS3. Can't beat the Wii for the amount of fun "party" type games that it offers...
but i doubt you are a hardcore gamer. anybody who spends 10+ hours/week gaming, probably already has one.

you're a family man. i'm sure games are VERY low on your list of ways to spend free time.

i want one bad but since i been laid off twice and had one on layaway both times i couldnt get it.. this area sux for jobs hell i applied to every thing within 50 mile radius lol. but i have interview on sat. and sad to say i maybe throwin pizzas together lol but itll do till chevron calls me for the coal mine... i have a wii and ps2 i play the wii prolly 3pm till like 230am most days lol ...
MS has hands down the best idea to sell units. They get A++++ from me.

first off the units died, so people went office space on the first set of 360s since they fell outside of the 90 day warranty, after awhile MS saved some face by saying yes they have a problem but will fix any outside of warranty xbox although most people already office spaced their 360s making that a total loss. Die hard gamers ending up buying more xboxes to replace the broken ones, then the elite came out, people who were on their 3rd or 4th xbox bought one of those just to keep from having their 360 die when a kickass game like COD2 came out...... too bad that one also died, so now they fixed all their problems "again" and people will run out and buy it to be safe.

I'm on my 5th xbox and expect it to die any day now, I have to keep it propped up on stuff if not it sounds like its going to blast off, it keeps getting worse, my 6TH! xbox will be one of these new ones.

Thank GOD I always got lucky and had them break before warranty was up.

Only thing that really pisses me off is the total unit sold when you look at the #s for Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360. I was they listed what % of 360s were bought a 2nd 3rd or 4th time adding to the total numbers of sold units.

Anyways, its nice to see that they are adding wifi after 4?

I enjoy my 360 and would never get rid of it, however I do think its the biggest piece of shit and hate MS for it.

I've had my PS3 since 1 or 2 weeks out, and its been running with zero issues since.
So basic rundown of the hardware revisions as I know it:

Initial = release setup, CPU / GPU on separate chips, RROD from graphics chip desoldering itself from the motherboard
Rev 1 = die shrink, same CPU / GPU setup on separate chips (Jasper), reduced heat load, solved some of the RROD problems
Rev 2 = the new slim, combined CPU / GPU on the same chip, die shrink again, should solve all RROD problems related to overheating

And my comment from earlier- the buddy of mine is an engineering classmate / housemate that is on the design team at IBM that worked on the new core in the slim 360. He said that the die shrink that occurred at Jasper was a good thing, but still didn't fix any problems- and to wait until the new combined CPU/GPU setup came out to go and buy a 360. Maybe I'll get one of the $100 deals- or maybe I'll just wait for the slim to drop in price a bit. looks a lot more like a computer mb now lol.
my buddy bought the new xbox 360 yesterday and he says its alot quiter than his elite. and the controller is lighter. overall he likes the new xbox 360

Slickdeals already had a post up for the new slim for less than $250.
They gave everyone who went to press release thing one for free.
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With such a limited amount of units on the street who knows what the case is going to be. They have re engineered the entire case obviously and it looks like half of each side of the case is a vent. And before with the gen 1 360 it was more the shitty soldering on the chipset that caused the issue. I would think that they have a baseline of operating temps inside of the case and boxes that did red ring may have been operating in the acceptable threshold but the soldering failed because it was not to spec.

I know that it was failed solder that did my two boxes in. I have always kept my 360s vertical and I blew them out with compressed air monthly. I would use an object to prevent the fans from free spinning so it didn't burn impact the barrings.

I cannot find the post on that NeoGAF forum so I don't know what the case was here. For all we know he had it stuck in a cupboard with the power brick with zero ventilation. I am not arguing that the RRoD wasn't a very wide spread issue but I some times wonder how many of them had a little help from the user. Say laying a unit flat on carpet, putting it in a drawer, behind the T.V. etc.
Nice! I dig it. I just had my 1st gen warranty go out then wham... RROD! The card came unsoldered. I have been trying to figure out what I want. Im going to have to look into it and see what kind of deal I can find, got the "hook up" at GameStop. :D
Definitely like the xbox better than the ps3. As for blu-ray my lap top has it.
Wii- friends have a wii, I couldnt think of any other game console that has something as sexually suggestive. Its almost as bad as the shake weight! :eek:
it'll probably be the arcade version basically.. hopefully it just comes w/ a smaller hard drive, but still has WiFi