Nice color for '90 accord?

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Oh, I do a little here and there.
Yea I'm doing some work to my new 100% stock accord already :D.

Sold the Civic for $1,000 and I'm looking to paint the Accord while I'm still in high school since I'm in an auto collision repair/refinishing class and have access to a top notch paint booth, compressed air and all that good stuff :). Also I can finally have a car with a stereo since the guy that bought the car gave me a nice JVC unit with some roadmaster speakers just have to install them tomorrow :).

I was thinking about this blue pearl metallic color, then dropping it on some white 17's for that old school Honda look. Anyone got any other good color ideas I'm bored and just decided to post.

Thinking of using this color found a gallon on ebay for $59 and free ship.
old school honda look??

lol yea you know how everyone with an older Honda used to paint it an outstanding color (usually something bright) and slap on the white rims? They used to be everywhere but now I don't see them at all so I might bring it back.

Especially since I know how to paint myself and it'll only cost me the $60 for the gallon of paint. Shop teacher lets me use his primer, sealer, sanders, and paint booth.
If you have about three grand or so you could always do it up in that Kameleon Kolor from HOK. Shit runs about $475 a pint at the place I get body stuff from, and that wont even buy your primer, basecoat, reducer, clearcoat...

Then you have to pay somebody to shoot it if you dont do it yourself...