NM Teams


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Nope, I think the whole "crew" or "team" thing and all the drama that goes with it is lame.
i agree thats why i did some probing before joining a team, i know that Team Diverse and Team Finatics(i was offered to join Finatics but i dont want my windows busted out while i am parked somewhere, so i of course declined!!) have all kinds of shit with each other, i am personally a member of Ground Assault, right now we are mainly Crotch Rockets(lol), but we are just doing fund raising type functions right now to raise money.

have you heard of this supposed Neon that has a V8 in it??? sounds like bull to me, i have been trying to track it down.


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Where does this supposed Neon live? I have not heard anything of it. Sounds like bull to me as well.


I'm from team:

I want to look cool with winsheild stickers and fit in with the rest of the non-conformists.

Its a pretty cool team. We all got a bunch of stickers on our cars, and we go cruising 60 cars deep down the boulevard.....thinking to ourselves how cool we are.
But our entire team wonders why we are singled out by the cops for bullshit ass traffic stops and impromptu engine inspections as well as random attakcs upon our tizzight crizzew's rides....
^^^WOW :sleep:

anyways for one i dont put big ass stickers on my car, i have one in each back-side window and they only measure about 6inches by 6inches. not all crews act like dumbasses so stereotyping just isnt correct.

i dont know where this wonder car lives but ill try to find out!