Non-VTEC to VTEC head swap

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What do you mean by "OK"?
Is it possible? Yes.
Will it be easy? No.
Will it be EASIER than some other head swaps. Yes.
Do you have unimaginable resources here at this board to help you out. Yes. :D
Thanks dohcvtec accord.

I just want to get that extra 15 horses from my engine before I go crazy with the after market mods.

By "ok" I meant that will my car run like a golf cart or will it run like a DOHC VTEC should.
No, the B1 is definitely SOHC.

Anyway, you won't run like a DOHC. I mean, you're looking at 200 horses from the DOHC vs. 150 for the SOHC. You will indeed see some gains from the VTEC head swap, but not nearly what you'd see with a DOHC swap. Also factored in is the tranny. Your Accord tranny is geared much longer, while the H22 tranny is nice and tight (just like we all like it around here :D ).

So, hope that helps. It just depends on how much work you want to do and how much $$$ you have to spend.
Sorry, I got my facts wrong.

I got that info off the reference section on this website. It said that the B1 is a dohc non-VTEC. I now know thats wrong thanks to you and I also looked it up in my haynes repair manual. Is it possible to put a dohc on an engine thats a sohc right now? If not then the B1 is just what I need. As for money, I'm figuring this is going to cost me about $1K, give-or-take a couple hundred dollars. I'm definately going to have someone install it for me. I'm fine when I'm installing something like headers or an intake but I don't know jack when it comes to cam specs.

I'm kinda' new to the import after market thing but I'm reading as much as I can and I got friends that are giving me ideas and helping me out.

Thanks again for your help and knowledge.
You can definitely put a DOHC head on a SOHC block (in reference to F/H series). However, it's not really worth it, for these reasons. The H22 block is stronger, the tranny is MUCH better than the Accord tranny, and head swaps are always a bit tougher to maintain than a full engine swap. The only time it's really worth is it with the newer Accords, which are 2.3L vs. the old 2.2

If you're looking for a B1 head, I've got one available. 122k miles, comes with MSD wires and a DC 4-2-1 header. Let me know if you're interested.