Not legal enine???

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From the web:

TPA is the seller of used, high-performance, non-conforming(EPA standards) motors that are intended for the sole purpose of racing in the U.S. series of: SCCA, NIRA, NHRA, Import Drag Racing Series, Show car * not for street use. TPA has made it known that any motor sold is never to replace any emissions legal motors and is for RACING USE ONLY and can never be used on any public road in the United State of America.

And they have all the Enignes in that cotegory..
I did not get if I will buy B18c5 and cop will stop me I will be arrested?
Or I did not ger something????
Is it true???
Thats just lawyer bs. They are saying that so if some idiot does a straight swap without making it smog legal they cant be legally involved,
Can like ordinary cop find out what engine do I have?
If he cant then how can he arrest me?
it depends where you are as to if any engine is illegal. I know of about 3 states off the top of my head that dont give a fuck. I'm sure many more dont, just ask around. Only cops that are use to seeing engine swaps or trained to look.. i.e. cali, ny, and fl will know that a DOHC motor did not come in a civic. It just depends on where you live.
cops here think that there are 2 trims to honda performance engines, VTEC"H" and Gerbile-Powered.

Unless you are in Cali, (maybe a few others) cops wont know their ass from their elbow when it comes to hondas
Originally posted by hondacivicnos@Dec 23 2002, 05:45 PM
Can like ordinary cop find out what engine do I have?
If he cant then how can he arrest me?

Are you serious?Don't be skurd.It's not like your swapping your engine for 100 kilos of coke or something.If your that worried then just make sure you do everything nice and legal like.
I believe that if your motor is legal, as long as it's not stolen, then you are save. Cop are only looking at your engine to see if it's a stolen engine. That's what I know about California, but i don't know about other states. I heard that other states beside california don't even get a damn about smog check.
Originally posted by 92b16vx@Dec 24 2002, 01:13 AM
its not like your swapping your engine for 100 kilos of coke or something.

what do you figure something like that would do in the 1/4????
but the civic si didnt come with b18c5, and those are just badges.. if they ran your vin they would find out exactly what kind of car it is. out here in cali.. the cops see something they dont think its there and they arent sure. they give you a fix it ticket.. where you have to go to a smog ref and they will look at it.

where are u from??? you might be thinking about all this for no reason.
I am from NY , Albany
But Civics SI and Integra engines looks the same...
And why whould somebody check my engine?
I was driving for a year and no body even stoped me...
Man,chances are,IF a cop stopped you and IF they run your vin they MIGHT know a little something about Hondas and IF they did,would they know what engine code came in the si and IF they did would they know where to look.besides I will bet money that the vin trace isn't going to sa"such and such a vehicle has a b16a2 and this one has a b18c"it's going to have the serial number,just carry around a receipt for the motor and work and tell'em your engine blew and it got replaced.Give me a break guy are you really that scared about?If so,don't swap your motor.
Chances are its to damn cold in NY for the cop to bother and get out to look at your freaking engine :)

Now here in Cali thats a different story.
You've never had an anal cop until you've met one from Vacaville.

#1 I had a cop pull me over and write me a fix it ticket for having one of those clear covers over my rear license place (i mean clear, like glass clear. not smoke colored or yellow like some you see.).
I had that one there because I live in the ghetto and people have stolen my tags twice.

#2 I got pulled over pulling INTO my complex, he followed me from the street and just pulled me over for coming in there at night. Probably thought I was a drug dealer. Asked me questions for about 10 minutes until i finally just showed him my ID with my address on it and I'm like.. man I live here. (there's not a lot of whities living in this area heh). So he writes me a fix it ticket for a tail light that wasn't even out. (go figure the one thing I can't say I know works for sure because I can't see it.)

#3 (about a week ago) I get pulled over on my street while parking (in my toyota) and two cops pull behind me and two come from the other direction on the street and pull accross the street, stop, and throw thier flood light on me. One cop comes up and is like "have you been shooing off guns from your vehicle... I'm like.. I don't even own a gun, I live here, and I just got off work."

So he asks when I got off, what I do etc... then calls up my work and asks them to fax a copy of my timecard to the police station.. all the while I'm waiting. And then when he lets me go I get out of the car and he's like "what the hell are you doing" and im like "man I live here, you saw my license"... an he's like "oh. well we had reports of a person in vacaville driving a gray celica shooting off guns."
I'm like.. what the f*ck, then go find him, it doesnt take 4 cop cars (8 cops) to stop me on my street for a half hour for no reason.
Be happy if that is the extent of your outstanding cop encounters.I've been arrested a few times for miscellaneous b/s the worst being pulled over as I turned into my driveway at home for a "busted taillight" and then getting arrested for revoked liscence,then they gave my nieghbor a ticket for parking on the wrong side of the street.Same nieghbor a week later got arrested with 20 of his friends for having about 8 stolen cars at a party they were having where the cops also netted about 15 pounds of weed couple oz of coke and a whole bunch of guns,all this not before knocking on my door,guns drawn,to find out whos cars they were.I could go on foreverBut I'm cockblocking someone's thread so I'll quit now.