Not Sure Wut I Want

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alrighty i just got a d series si engine (and i'm not swapping it to something else) and i don't know wut to do, i will be running 1/8 mile sooo i am willing to wait and be pacient to save money so budge isn't a factor(well unless it's tooo crazy) and i doo have hook ups on internals and boring and valve jobs and stuff like that.
By D series Si do you mean D16z6?

Do you mean 1/4 miles? 1/4 Miles soon and willing to wait for a budget do not shake hands with each other.

Standard Question 1) What car is it in?
Standard Question 2) Where are you located (smog laws etc.)
Standard Question 3) What timeslips are you looking to run?
Standard Question 4) What is your budget, although you are saving... I could blow $15,000 easy.
if your stuck on that motor i'd atleast turbo it...

then depending on your budget get your cam, pistons, sleeves, rods, enginemangement, fuel, etc.. all of that shit worked out

the more you start narrowing shit down the better advice can be given... like your budget, is it a daily driver, shit like that.
lets see it's non-vtec si, ummmm in a crx well actually it's in my garage waiting to get built, no i met 1/8 mile but 1/4 mile times like a high 12 low 13's, and curently i have bout 5 hundred but this is a project engine soo wutever will get me running the best, and don't just say big turbo......
Then you have a D16a6.

I think.

Assuming that the engine is running and the car works properly... $500 isn't going to get you a lot to start with.

Honestly I don't even know where to get parts for that engine.

You can always start with boring and sleeving.. but that will cost you over a grand.
If you're set on the D16a6 then I'm really not sure what to do, thats not a common engine to be working with.

I guess I'll leave this one to the CRX guys. :wall:
yeah hexen your correct on the motor code, along with everything else...

it's gonna take hell of alot to get it running in the 12's expecially on that motor and as your daily driver.... not to mention there isn't much you can do right now with 500, well you definetly have to go f/i of some sort, i'd suggest to start building for turbo.
well first of all i can get it bored 20 over for 60 bucks i was already told this and i found the place and everything,iono bout resleeving, and my dad wants me to go n/a and fully build the engine and he's assuring me that i will get atleast 100 hp out of it, and the 500 bucks is just wut i have now i'm saying for the future and wut i need not wut i have now, and i'll be saving for quality not get crappy parts fast
why would you get it bored 20 over if the cylnder walls are still undamaged. that's gonna make your piston go up from 75.00 mm to 75.20 mm....... that's nothing.. BUT if your gonna do that, get some custom HI comp pistons that size, the added compression will give you power, not the added .20 mm
bore + boost = boom with out a iron sleeve job. making the walls thinner is a no-no

buy a b16 SIR1. it will be cheaper than trying to go fast in a d16a6. and i do stress trying
alright well i already made my decision final on building the d16a6 and now me and this other guy are thinkin of me boring 5mm to a 1.8 L this is gonna be pushing it and i don' want to do wut everybody is doing i want a challange...... but i need some feed back on if i could bore my lil 1595cc block 5mm and wut should i sleeve it with?
i talked to him last night on aol... the only reason he's stuck on the a6 is because he's from cali and he wants to stay legal... yes i know there's alot of other possibilities. but it's like his and his dad's project, he suggested that he wanted it to push 1.8 and i wasn't sure if a stroker kit was even made for that motor, so i just said bore it 5mm, which is what it'd take, but i think that would compromise alot of the cooling jacket volume... either way it sounds like it can't hurt, i guess his pops is a badass machinist, and so is mine, they can do some impressive shit, so i figured making a sleeve wouldn't be that difficult, but it's just a shot in the dark
got some bad news bout our 5mm plan, the pro dude i talked to said he would do it but my engine wont last long and that there's no point in resleeving it because it's just gonna go back to normal. he thinks i should just go 1mm.....iono bout that one, but can u resleeve thinner? so it doesn't take as much room up in the cylinder?
yeah i knew 5mm was completely overboard, just a brainstorm, seriously i know you wanna keep that motor in and all, but it's kinda hopeless.. and you don't wanna put in a b16a because of smogging, so why don't you put in a b18a/b outta a same year or newer car as yours.
5 mm is hello you just shaved off your entire cylendar and are now in your water jacket.

.030 over is the most you should go. thats in inches.

and again- i dont mean to sound liek a dick- but i really think you are wasting your money on that motor. If its for fun and a project to chill with your dad- thats cool. but as a dollar for performance, and NA d16a6 really has limited potential
no idea what numbers this will get u but for 500 how about a 1st gen teg ecu
y7 head
delta regrind cam
and some d16a1 pistons for later?
well i was goin to do this and it priced for about 570 somthing
you would have to run like 94 octaine fuel..but it would have realy high compresion and rev to like 8grand or somthing...
maybe u might try that it shold be fun