obd1 b18c1 on a 96 dc

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need wiring help! i have a b18c1 i recently swaped into my 96 ls and im a little puzzled about my vtec wiring...... and i have a p28 chiped ecu incase u were wondering what ecu im runing ....what do i need to wire to hit vtec on my jdm b18c
i used the ls wiring harness i ran the knock sensor n vtec solenoid straight to the ecu but vtec dont work
cause i know what vtec sounds like
but i kept messing with it n i figured it out all i had to do was bypass the vtec pressure switch cause i have a usdm ecu n yea my cars runing good n strong =)
why would you try and use a ls harness on your b18c1. Not to smart!!

First off, thanks for resurrecting this dead thread. Second, you can often modify an existing harness to work with a new engine. Why buy a new harness if you don't have to?