OBD1 ls/vtec

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just got another car (1995 integra RS), and im gonna slap on a B16/18 head on it sometime down the line. i was just wondering, since the 95 is a obd1, when i add the vtec head, do i gotta swap to a obd2 and go through the trouble? or just get a different ecu like a p72 or p28?

also, the rs didn't come with a/c, so is it possible to drop in a compressor, do some wiring and have a working a/c? if so, how much?

I have an OBD0 head on my car and it works fine. Get and ECU from on OBD1 Del Sol VTEC or an OBD1 P72 (I am running a P72).
so a obd2 head is out of the question huh? whats with this obd stuff, is there any differences between them? (power wise)
Power wise I have not heard of a difference. An OBD2 head will work if you swap distributors with an OBD1 VTEC head. I don't think (but am not positive, confirmation would be nice) that there are any differences in the other sensors on the head/IM. The TB sensors might be different.