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The shoe box shit is going a bit far now. WTF!

2009 Nissan Cube - Nissan USA


Nissan has admitted that the rumors are true, the Cube will finally be offered in the United States market and it won't be the spawn of a new company brand either. The question is why did Nissan take so long to make the move since the Cube was first released in Japan ten years ago?

Great so now we are getting a 10 year old shoe box!
Meh, that shit has been around a long time. That kind of thing was bound to come here. They have been talking about bringing the Cube over for a few years now though.
I didn't look at the link, but depending on what the powerplant is will determine how well it will sell.

Edit: 1.8L 122hp isn't very impressive. If I was to buy a toaster on wheels, I'll stick with the Element.
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I like how the rear window is wrap around on the passenger side. I bet that is nice on visibility but I agree with George if I am going to buy a box car I would buy the Element.