Only 9 months later...

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I bought rockband last February or so, and I stuck to the guitar portion of it. In rockband you play gigs with the final song being Green Grass and High Tides.

My friend and I did the endless setlist on expert. It took us 4 tries to pass this song because I couldn't get through the end of the last solo.

Well tonight I finally passed it on solo play to finish out the solo tour on Expert and my final 50G.

For those of you who don't know the song, watch this, it's a good 8-9 minute song, but it's a great song, just damn near impossible.

YouTube - Rock Band (Guitar) Green Grass and High Tides 622K

(This guy is WAAAAAAY better than I am)

Pay attention to the parts at times of;

7:50-8:06 (16 seconds seems like an eternity trying to hit all those notes.)
8:19-8:32 (13 second eternity...)
9:24-9:37 (13 seconds of hell...)

I would usually fail out at the first time I mentioned because I could never figure out how to do it, but I actually got better at it enough to be able to keep myself from getting close to failing.

It's been 9 months since I've bought the game (and RB2), but I've now passed it and I'm very freaking exstatic about it, I don't know how many times I've failed this song.
congratulations :)

practice makes perfect. it is a tough but fun song. ive beat it, but ive got a good few years jump on your so delving into rockband wasn't too bad compared to GH3.
awesome song.
now learn to play it for real.

Yeah, fix my guitar. lol I lost some shit off it. :(

But yeah I played GH2 nonstop on my PS2 so I didn't think it would be any harder. Then I came to that song and holy shit... it made Freebird look easy as pie on expert.

Now that I passed it I'm not scared of it anymore. I just went to play a score dual ranked match online, this song came up and I was happy. But the dick left before we really even got started. :(
Yeah I do that to everyone who leaves the game early.
me too.
doubt they care.. but if everyone does it to them every time they leave.. i think they can get banned.
the result isnt really worth it, but i like being like.. FUCK YOU NOOB! lol
even if they dont notice.
Good job on the song. I thought this thread was gonna be about a kid being born or something..... So 9 months later my ex came back and said..... lol
haha i thought about that when i was rereading the title just now. No kids in my immediate future, just random game playing. :)
Same here, tho sometimes i wish i was single, cause lately ive had some people "interested" in me. Sigh.
the screw that holds the string tensioner on the bridge is somewhere in my room. I had to take it off to change the strings. The only thing that fits down the hole to push the string out the back is too wide to fit through the bridge, so the tensioner has to come off.

Combine that with my luck, and voila.
do you have the white pegs on the bridge? those pop out you know...
the knob comes in through the back of the guitar to hold it in place while the string goes through the bridge, up the neck and is tied into the head. So to take it out, I have to pull the string out through the back of the bridge, the knob is stuck in the hole in the back.